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Migration from Heroku to AWS

In this project, the client was a company that allows you to buy shares of individual companies for cryptocurrencies. The client's requirement was to use the AWS cloud to create a fully scalable, highly available environment for both production and development.

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Improvement of an existing infrastructure

The main goal of the project was to review current existing infrastructure, improve it and set up production environment that is highly available.

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Optimisation and cost reduction of cloud infrastructure

For this project, we have focused on optimisation and cost reduction of cloud infrastructure. The client specialises in the mobile software / mobile application sector. The Client’s mobile application is aimed at relieving households of the burden of monthly bills.

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Kubernetes cluster on Proxmox virtual environment

For this project, we have prepared an environment built on its own infrastructure using Kubernetes, Proxmox. The client is a software house specialising in the design and implementation of mobile and internet applications. The high availability, platform high data ingestion throughput and fast delivery of new applications were particularly important for the client.

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