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Migration of existing project to cloud

Cloud is a modern approach to building and running software applications. Our knowledge about shared platforms (e.g. Heroku), dedicated servers or on-prem solutions allows us to migrate projects effectively to the cloud.

Application migration from Heroku to AWS

In developed, complex projects which aren't startups anymore, keeping it on Heroku becomes more and more expensive without giving the same flexibility as AWS could give. Due to the technology used in Heroku, it is slower, has weaker performance and requires specific developer experience.

Building a greenfield on cloud

Let us join your project and support your development team on every stage. Thanks to our know-how, we will go through all life cycles of the project witha well architected framework, suggesting the best solutions and updating them at low costs.

Cloud infrastructure cost review

We will audit your project, both architecture and cost effectiveness spent on specific elements. Areas we can focus on include:

Who may work on your project?