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Devops services & migration to cloud
AWS certified Solutions Architect Professional
AWS certified SysOps Administrator Associate
AWS certified Solutions Architect Associate
AWS certified Cloud Practitioner


Cloud Architecture

We only follow the best architecture standards. The Well-Architected Framework is our best friend.

Development Team Support

We bring Operations experience into your Development team

Cloud Migration Strategy

Lift-and-shift or Re-Platform? We’ll help you choose the best migration strategy for you.

Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance

We take on complex maintenance projects every day and keep your projects up all the time.

Legacy Refactoring

Infrastructure needs to follow your application changes. We provide you with the knowledge to get to the next step.

Team Augmentation

Need a team of engineers with hands-on experience and DevOps mindset? We’re here for you.




We offer audit and consulting services, based on AWS Well-Architected Five Pillars, which secures the highest standard of architecture, scalability and efficiency.



Kubernetes brought in another level of automation to our projects and became de facto standard of running things in the cloud. Our architects will help you decide if it suits your needs.

Docker Containerization

Docker Containerization

We use Docker as a simple, lightweight and easy to use in practically any environment container.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

We help you decide if, how and where to migrate your assets . Complex cloud migration projects are our bread and butter.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure lives in code now. This way cloud solutions can be revisioned, tested and staged the same way as any other piece of software.



Using version control is the standard that makes developers collaboration almost seamless. Code, revision, revert if necessary!

DevOps Process

Devopsity process
Completed Projects
About Devopsity

At Devopsity you'll meet a team of DevOps enthusiasts with years of experience, we are agility practitioners and constantly expand our expertise using the latest technology.

We work with various clients across the globe, helping you at any point of your cloud deployment journey, either by integrating your current processes into the cloud environment both private and public or building your new infrastructure and architecture from scratch.

Our priorities are security, quality of the services provided and meeting the deadlines as well as outstanding communication skills, all being the key to successful project completion.


Whether you have a question, need a quote or simply want to say hello, just drop us a line using the form, we'd love to hear from you.