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What is Cloud Native?
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AWS certified Solutions Architect Associate
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Why should you go Cloud Native?

Cloud native is a modern approach to building and running software applications that exploits the flexibility, scalability and resilience of cloud computing.

Cloud native encompasses the various tools and technques used by software developers today to build applications for the public cloud, as opposed to traditional architectures suited to an on-premises data center.

Cloud Native Diagram


Deploy updates far more frequently than on-premises apps


Base the capacity of your cloud on demand consumption


Works with web-centric languages - HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, .NET, Go, Node.js, PHP, Python and Ruby


Work in a virtualized space and share resources with other applications using

Avoiding downtimes

Offers greater redundancy - outages can be better managed by quickly redirecting traffic


A wealth of automation opportunities to build once and move on


Easy scale across multiple servers, cache more easily for a performance boost, use less storage, avoid vendor lock-in


Become a part of the worldwide cloud native community that provides support, oversight and direction

Tools We Use

Docker Containerization
Docker Compose
Infrastructure as Code

What are our clients saying?

Binarapps CEO

Maciej Krasowski

CEO, BinarApps
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We hired Devopsity to cover DevOps competency on our two projects ased entirely on Amazon Web Services platform. They did a good job on architecture, automation, IaC and implementation level, displayinga good general understanding of cloud computing concepts and a deep knowledge of AWS service offering. I would highly recommend their service.

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Devopsity Team
Devopsity Team

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