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The high flexibility of AWS means it can have a variety of architectures. We have the experience necessary to perform secure migrations and build customized environments using best practices.

In AWS, you can take advantage of e.g.:

  1. Network resources (Virtual Private Clouds, hybrid subnets, Virtual Private Networks)
  2. Storage resources (Simple Storage Service S3,Elastic Block Storage EBS, Elastic File System EFS)
  3. Computing power (Virtual Machines EC2, Elastic Container Servers ECS, Elastic Kubernetes Service EKS)
  4. Databases (Relational Databases RDS, key value storage DynamoDB, ElastiCashe, DocumentDB and many more)

AWS characteristics

Amazon Web Services is a pioneer of cloud technology. It is characterized by a low level of abstraction and very high flexibility.

It initially functioned as a public cloud created for Amazon's internal use, so for the e-commerce industry, where speed, security and high availability are important. AWS is the best choice for web applications and where low latency and global availability are essential. In addition, environments with large amounts of data that are stored at a relatively low cost operate well on AWS.

Why is it worth seeking assistance?

Today, AWS sets the standard in the industry and offers the best architectural solutions. The aforementioned flexibility and large selection of tools make AWS responsive to the needs of a wide range of projects, but it requires considerable knowledge in such areas as storage selection, network topology design, or designing and maintaining secure hosting environments.

AWS also offers many programs supporting the process of migration. We assist in negotiations to gain support and sometimes even funds for initial migration work. These programs are:



Well-Architected Partner




Migration Acceleration




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