Well-Architected Framework Review

AWS Partner

No matter in which moment you are, Well-Architected Framework Review comes in to help.

Pre-cloud Review

you don't use the cloud yet

Post-lift and Shift

you've just migrated to the cloud and want to do “sanity check”

Longer use of the cloud

you have an infrastructure and want to release its full potential by processes optimization

The 6 pillars of Well-Architected Framework are:

Operational Excellence

The most important goals in cloud strategy is to improve business outcomes and deliver values to the clients. We will help you with this by tracking and closing gaps and bugs, and implementing best practices developed by AWS.


In addition to business strategy, security strategy plays a crucial role. Throughmonitoring, tracking reports and log management, we will develop a comprehensive security system that prevents attacks, but also anticipates how to neutralize them quickly.


Another major problem is service outages. Do you have access to enough computing resources to get your servers back up and running quickly? We will audit your system for outage response and repair.

Performance Efficiency

The AWS cloud is constantly evolving, offering a wide range of customized capabilities. With our help, you are assured of utilizing this potential for 100%, improving your performance.

Cost Optimization

Every strategy is influenced by price. Is the amount you pay commensurate with the business value you receive? With our help, you won't spend money in vain, even if the first stages of optimization are about speed or introducing new features.


Less energy consumption means less environmental impact. Let's ensure sustainability together by maximizing the benefits of the resources made available and minimizing the total resources required.

What does the process look like?

Step 1

Initial review

Together, we identify key stakeholders. Next we answer a series of questions in the AWS form based on the 6 pillars of the program.

Step 2

In-depth interview

We thoroughly examine the environment you are working in, its structures, and solutions, taking detailed notes from the meeting.

Step 3
Report and decision

Based on the collected data, we create a report that includes well architected elements, those that need improvement, and critical issues. If at least 45% of all are critical issues, you can take advantage of the program refund. The decision to proceed lies with you.

Step 4
We stay in touch

The Well-Architected Framework is repeatable and can cyclically support the evolution of your cloud environment. So, if needed, we can go through the process again.

Interested? Let's do it together!