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Creating Backups

Backup is currently an essential part of any project, regardless of its size. You can trust us to create an automated backup process and entire disaster recovery for your environment. This will minimize the risk of losing data or service availability gaps.

Important terms

Speaking of backups, you should first familiarize yourself with the definitions of terms related to this process.

Disaster recovery

a plan for dealing with a major disaster. Its main goal is to save as much data as possible and restore the environment as quickly as possible. Backups are therefore one of the elements of disaster recovery.

RTO (Recovery Time Objective)

an indicator of how long after a disaster occurs a critical part or the entire environment will be fully restored.

RPO (Recovery Point Objective)

an indicator that determines the acceptable amount of lost data and the acceptable time between failure and backup.

SLA (service-level agreement)

a contract that an organization enters into with the service provider, in which the level of service, such as network availability, is specified. The SLA could also specify RTO and RPO amounts, as well as disaster recovery frames and strategy.

Types of backups

On-premise and cloud environments have different approaches to the disaster recovery process, that is, how to deal with data loss, network access and other emergencies. In both types, so-called hot and cold copies are created.

Hot copy

Hot copies are created in an automated manner on separate servers at both the database and file levels. It could take up to an hour to switch to such a copy if necessary, usually a few minutes or even seconds.

Cold copy

A cold copy is to make cyclic backups and run the environment on demand, i.e. in case of failure. However, the switchover already takes longer, several hours and sometimes days, and risks losing some data.

Why is it worth seeking assistance?

To build a proper backup process, you first need to know the backup needs of the project - it is possible that simpler cheaper solutions will prove sufficient. At Devopsity, we not only have experience with backup tools, we are also familiar with native solutions for cloud environments of various sizes, as well as mechanisms for high availability and data resiliency. Based on the RTO and RPO included in the SLA, we will prepare both optimized disaster recovery and an adequate backup system.