Cloud Computing & Migration - Let’s talk business -

Cloud Computing & Migration - Let’s talk business

Devopsity on 30-12-2021 | 5 min read

Cloud migration is based on moving the data, resources, assets and services into the cloud. It is then run on a cloud infrastructure, which can be done in-house or provided by cloud service providers such as AWS or Google Cloud. At Devopsity we specialise in working with AWS while having experience with the other providers.

Cloud Computing is talked about more and more. Running your business components aka having pretty much your entire business in the cloud means you can access your office anywhere at any time. It gives your great flexibility, reduced costs and security.

As we enter the era of information, more and more happens right here, on your device.

You get your conversations, expand your network, contact your clientele, set meetings, run meetings, make decisions, implement decisions, manage the firm and complete projects. For many businesses, it’s all you need to do the entire work.

Cloud was a great invention to make it even simpler. We have only just been stuck to computers the size of a bedroom and now we simply put our laptops in a suitcase and can take our work with us, with all of our data, resources and software available instantly, in the cloud.

Reduced Costs

So what can it really do to business? For starters, reduced costs.

Who doesn’t like to save a dollar… or thousands of dollars? We all do!

Cost optimisation is one of the main reasons to move to the cloud.

What’s in it? Firstly, moving to the cloud means the costs of managing and maintaining your IT systems and hardware are significantly reduced. Secondly, you don’t pay for any upgrades and your energy consumption is reduced.

And let’s be honest - the cloud is the future. Having your data at your fingertip is convenient, efficient and time-saving. Using the cloud means more time to focus on your business.


By cooperating with Amazon Web Services we offer resources on-demand, meaning you can conveniently scale up and down your operation and storage needs.

With this great flexibility, the costs you pay are adjusted as per your business needs, and the used resources can be adjusted anytime - whenever you need more, you go for it. Whenever you don’t need as much, you simply stop paying for it.


Your data should always be backed up and secure and it’s important to be prepared for critical situations. If you ever experience an incident, such as a power failure, you can count on the taken precautions and access your data quickly, providing business continuity.

Agility & Flexibility

With the business data stored in the cloud your company can run more smoothly and in a flexible manner. The software and data can be accessed from anywhere - whether your team is working from home, the office or a tropical island, thanks to cloud computing the virtual office can be accessed immediately, with a possibility to give everyone on the team access to the same data in a fast and secure way.

Convenience & Storage Capacity

With cloud computing, there is virtually unlimited storage capacity and if that does not sound great already, you can adjust the usage instantly as per your needs and simply pay a little more per month. You can upgrade and any time and likewise go back to making smaller payments and using less space as soon as you need it. Moreover, the systems get automatically updated with the latest technology for example the software is automatically updated to the latest version, the backups are automatically done and your data is continuously updated and consistent.

Freeing up your and your team’s time

With cloud computing, you don’t have to use your and your team’s valuable time on time-consuming repetitive tasks such as fixing bugs, running updates or maintenance, meaning more time for creative initiatives and innovation.

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