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30 new AWS local zones including one in Poland

Devopsity on 17-12-2021 | 5 min read

Amazon announced at its annual re: Invent conference the launch of as many as 30 new AWS local zones in over 21 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Kenya, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal and South Africa.

As a reminder, AWS Local Zones is the benefit of implementing the AWS infrastructure in such a way that computing power, storage and other services are closest to the customer.

Thanks to this, it gives them the ability to run applications in AWS that require lower latency, e.g. single-digit milliseconds of delay for their end-users or in the network as well as reliable connectivity.

By choosing to cooperate with Devopsity, as a direct partner of AWS, you get the highest standard of highly customised solutions meaning you can rely on the quality, security and speed of the services

As a direct partner of AWS, we can provide you with:

Fast and reliable deliverability of your software

With minimised risks and limited human errors. We design a dynamic infrastructure that is durable, scalable and highly available and test for potential failure scenarios as well as make sure that you can automatically recover from failure.


We’re prepared for security events and incidents and value traceability, which we achieve by aiming to monitor, alert, and audit actions and changes to the environment in real-time. We implement incident management, investigation policies and processes customised to your organisational requirements.


Monitoring is an important part of the solutions that we offer, we closely observe and analyse the metrics and KPIs in a form of logs and dashboards so you have fully transparent visibility of your processes, infrastructure and applications.

Performance Efficiency

Thanks to being an AWS partner, we can make advanced technology implementation easier for your company. By implementing serverless architecture and moving to automatable resources, you can benefit from getting the highest performance efficiency.

Costs Optimisation

There are also outstanding pricing perks when you choose to cooperate with us using AWS solutions. We only suggest the technology and storage that is needed for your business and fits the bill. You benefit from performance efficiency, operational excellence and cost optimisation.

We’re really happy that Poland will have a local AWS zone in 2022, it’s a great step forward, especially that the new local zones will be the first to be built outside of the USA and we’re proud to participate in this movement as the AWS partners.

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