Apply for your Dream Job -

Apply for your Dream Job

Devopsity on 07-09-2021 | 2 min read

Have you ever thought about working just the way you want to?

You had a thought of a perfect position, but would search through 10s of job offers because a perfect position is just a thought, isn’t it?

Not anymore.

At Devopsity, we decided to look ahead into the future and not allow the set positions to limit our progress and most importantly your progress. If our team is happy, our company thrives.

And that’s the ethos we always practised, making being a part of our company a pleasant experience.

Devopsity is one of not many companies to work fully remotely from the beginning and adjusting the workload and projects as per our team members’ needs and interests. This allowed us to prosper so well for the past 15 years, previously under the name of Yupo.

We believe this same attitude of being flexible and considerate will allow us to make our employees even happier and make Devopsity a company like no other.

We have the team members working from their home office - and we’re open whether it’s in Poland or abroad, as well as the team members preferring to pop into our modern office.

So what is the Dream Job project about?

The idea of Dream Job came from our thorough analysis of the market, the current needs of the employees and the patterns in employment, but above all, from our own experience and professional aspirations. We have been considering how we could work on the projects so that they are personalised to our competencies, our progression goals and in an environment that we like.

Then we came up with the idea of our employees choosing what they want to do with the competencies they own and aspirations for training they have, rather than solely showing us their CV.

We believe in giving the best of ourselves and we surround ourselves with the best. If you’d like to apply for the role please note we’re looking for people who are motivated, reliable, ambitious, organised, aspire to learn and to expand their experience and are friendly.

Apply and find out what can we offer

Wondering how exactly do you apply for your Dream Role?

Our uncomplicated recruitment process takes place in a few short steps.

Step 1

Fill out the form on the website, describe your experience as best you can, but most of all describe how you would like to work with us.

Step 2

We will contact you via e-mail to arrange a zoom interview.

Step 3

Together, we will assess how our cooperation could look like. Remember that you co-create your dream role at Devopsity and you state which competencies you can contribute to our team and projects. At Devopsity, we share our knowledge and experience and support each other with our competencies for joint benefits.

Step 4

If you here, the last step is just a formality. We will discuss the details of cooperation, a form of employment (we offer B2B and permanent employment option) and the wages.

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